Dry Body Brushing – Results

I must admit, when I first heard of dry body brushing, I thought the idea seemed a little strange (that’s right, scrubbing your dry skin). However, it didn’t take long before I started noticing the change in my skin and became hooked. Ever since, dry body brushing has become a regular part of my nightly routine.

Dry Body Brushes

If you haven’t ever tried dry body brushing, there is a lot of information out there on exactly how to go about it – but the basic gist is: long strokes towards the heart, working from the left to the right side of the body. It’s probably also important to note that this should always be done before a shower or bath.

dry body brushing direction

Remember! Brush towards the heart

So why bother? Dry body brushing boasts many skin and health benefits, including reducing cellulite and stretch marks, detoxifying the lymphatic system, improving circulation and much more. While I can’t vouch for all of these benefits, I can say that it has definitely left me with much softer, smoother skin.

What I like the most is the intense exfoliation. Let me tell you, expect lots of dead skin cells to fly off. Yes, disgusting – but at the same time oh-so satisfying! Just think, with each stroke you are one step closer to baby-soft skin! I’ve noticed that my skin has become more even - I have a few old scars on my legs which have definitely lightened.

I’ve also found dry body brushing to be super effective in treating body acne. I used to suffer from the occasional breakout on my back (ew!). However, since taking up dry body brushing, these breakouts have completely stopped. This makes sense, since sloughing off dead skin cells will naturally lead to clearer pores. I used to rely on chemical exfoliators to treat these breakouts, but have had much more success with brushing (probably because the exfoliation from the dry brushing is about 100x more intense).

I should also mention, I actually suffer from keratosis pilaris (a bumpy skin condition) on the back of my arms, and have found dry body brushing to be one of the only effective treatments.

dry body brushes

Favourite dry body brushes from Bodecare

Though I will admit the process is rather time consuming, in my opinion is it completely worth it! And that’s not to say dry body brushing hasn’t cut down other processes in my routine. Since taking up dry body brushing I barely bother with exfoliating shower mitts anymore (hooray for saving water!).

Overall, dry body brushing has completely transformed the texture of my skin, and will  continue to take a place in my nightly routine. If you haven’t tried it, I would really recommend giving it a go, the results are pretty quick too! A post covering my favourite dry body brushes to follow!

Have you ever tried dry body brushing?

  • Kirsty Barrett

    i have one – but i always forget to use it

    • http://beautibop.com/ Amy

      haha, yeah I forget sometimes too. It’s just a matter of getting into the routine! :)

  • Alex Hurd

    Would you recommend if you suffer from dry skin?


    • http://beautibop.com/ Amy

      Yeah, definitely! It’s actually really good for removing any dry patches – it takes off the top layer of old dead skin, which helps your moisturiser to absorb better!

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